Chapter Ten: Bitch!

natasha (the next morning)…

"fuck" i yawned

i leaned up and looked at the time…it was 8 in the morning,im surprise i woke up that early…. i crawled out of bed leaving chris wrapped in the covers. i threw his shirt on and looked around the room.

"men are so nasty" i whispered while picking up his clothes off the floor, his basketball shorts smelled like strong cologne mixed with must. yuck! i walked down stairs to the laundry room putting the clothes in the washer..

"damn this a nice ass washer" i laughed

i was always used to having that beat down washer at home, it was kinda nice to see a washer that actually works…

"mmm you look so sexy when you wash clothes"

"Oh shit! you scared me!" i nearly screamed

"sorry baby girl" chris said while kissing my cheek

"ahaa i thought you were sleep?"

"was" he yawned

"i love the washer"

"say you do?"


"natasha who says that type of shit. thats old people talking! we still young" he laughed

"whatever negro" i smiled trying to cover my face so he wouldnt notice


chris picked me up and sat me on the washer & he started to kiss my neck moving his cold hands down my back

"chris stop" i giggled pushing him off of me

"quit playing"

"what are you tryna do have sex 24/7?"

"naw" he mumbled pushing him self onto me

"yeah right"

"why you always be trippin?" he asked

"why you always be trippin?" i mocked

"dont turn me on" he laughed

"too late!"

he started to suck on my neck, leaving me speechless

"mmmmm" i moaned

he pulled my hair back & started to make his way to my lips

"nigga you dont pull a black woman’s hair!" i cried out in pain


"that shit hurts!"

"im sorry let me make it better" he said seductively

he continue to kiss me..while pulling my shirt up


"chris who’s at your door this time of morning?" i asked

"i dont know let me go see … hold on" he said kissing me one more time before leaving


damn. i didnt want to answer the door but, whoever it was.. stay ringing the fucking door bell, i looked out the door and saw sammie’s face, i opened the door.

"hey chris!" she said handing me breakfast.

"uh sammie do you know what time it is?"

"yeah its like 9 or something like that"

"8 in the morning" i added

"so chris.. i always bring you food, you never complained before?"

"sam ima need you to chill ight?"

"what do you mean chris? i mean you kissed me remember?"

"that shit was a mistake"

"what?" she replied

"i was trying to cheer you up, and you know im with natasha now so you-"

"you guys are official?" she asked

"well i mean yeah i guess?" i said scratching my head

"thats your girlfriend?"

"yes sam damn!"

"you fucking her or some shit?"
“sammie thats none of you bussiness”


"i didnt mean to lead you on sammie shush" i said trying to calm her down for natasha wont hear

"fuck you, chris we aint friends anymore" she said walking away

"sammie don-"

she slammed her car door and drove off….. leaving me with the bag of breakfast she got me, i felt kinda bad for leading her on.. i know how much that shit hurts.. coming from experience with kim and all.

i walked back in the house to find natasha fully dressed and her hair wet

"done talking to that girl?" she asked

"natasha we just-"

"i know save the speech" she laughed grabbing the bag from my hand

"hell yeah ihop bitch!" she said grabbing the pancake out the box

"yo greedy pedi looking ass" i laughed

"fuck you! home girl gotta eat"

"i gotta eat too" i said pulling on her jeans

"eat what?" she asked


"eww you so nasty, but sexy"

"ahaa i know,iknow" i said making my way upstairs she started to follow me

"chris wait!"

"uh?" i said walking into my room

"make it quick" she said pulling her pants down

"girl, you know i’ll need at least ten minutes" i picked her up and laid her on the bed


"have you talked to natasha?" carmen asked looking at her phone

"naw i even went to her house and she wasnt there"

"you mad at her?" she asked

"naw im not mad why i be mad b/c she’s off with chris brown and im alone with my vibrator" i huffed

"damn too much info sis"

"sorry carmen, its just im-im so fucking lonely.. and i miss my best friend natasha" i explained

"im here bitch!" she laughed

carmen was stupid as fuck, she was such a fucking blonde.. i missed having my bitchy friend natasha around to talk shit and making  me laugh.. i felt like i was losing her to a celebrity

"i know cunt" i pushed her lightly making her fall

"opps!" i laughed

"we can go do something if you wanna?"

"do what?"

"party bitch, i heard that tyga’s throwing a huge ass party"

"are we invited?"

"of course we are thats amber’s new boo remember?"

"yeah amber’s new boo" i replied

i needed a man really bad before i start going crazy maybe a party is exactly what a horny bitch needed.

"ok lets go shopping bitch and get ready to par-tay tonight!!" i screamed


"is chris coming is chris coming!?" kim asked while jumping up and down

"hold on damn … the phone still ringing" i said

"hello?" he said

"chris! my nigga…… my brother from another mother..-"

"wassup bruh?" he asked

"nigga i wanted to see if you wanna come to this party im thowing"

".man i dont know.."

"come on chris! just a light fun party with mad hunnies"

"nigga i cant.. well shit fuck ill be there"

"ight nigga thats wassup! at my place around 10 or 11 nigga dont be a drama queen and show up late ight?"

"ahaha bye nigga" he said and hung up

"he coming? he coming?" kim asked

"yeah he’ll be here"

"yes! i gotta get dress and go get ready for tonight!" she screamed

"yeah go do that" i mumbled

i never seem kim get so excited over chris before.. damn people change so fucking fast..


"who dat?" i asked

"tyga" chris replied

"what he want?"

"uh,uh something i gotta get for him… the nigga sick" he replied getting up

"uhuh really" i said sarcasticly

"yeah bae really he said he need me to stop and get him some medicine tonight"

for some reason this sounded like a straight lie, but ima trust him.. just not all the way trust.


i knew if i told natasha the truth than she would flip out and get jealous and i aint really trying to deal with her attitude and shit…

"dont you got shit to do?" i asked

"why? you got shit to do?"

"well you know.." i said

"no i dont know"

"i gotta meet tyga today and might swing by the studio on the way there" i replied

"i guess ill call my girls up and see what they up to" she said while getting off the bed

"oh ight" i mumbled



"whats wrong with you? your whole persona changed"

"nothing babe chill out" i said kissing her on the lips

"now go get ready for daddy to drop you off" i slapped her ass as she walked away.

i hate lying.. but maybe its a good thing for now…


chris dropped me off renae’s house.. i wonder whats the rush..


hey i screamed hugging renae

"fuck you mean hey .. mrs brown" she huffed

"aww stop being a bitch!" i said grabbing her and pushing her on the bed

"stop you lesbo" she laughed

"why you mad bestie?" i asked sitting up

"i thought you forgot about me" she whined

"i would never! i love you renae’!"

"what about me?" carmen added

"you too dumb ass" i huffed

"yay! besties again!" she yelled

"ahha yeah, what yall doing tonight?" i asked

"partying!" carmen screamed

"where and who’s house?"

"we were invited to tyga’s house party" renae said

"wh-what i though tyga ass was sick?" i snapped

"haha who told you that shit?" renae’ asked

"nobody, i just though he was sick thats all.." i lied

"you coming with us or what?" carmen asked

"hell yeah! im go bitch!" i replied

chris thinks im a dumb bitch, lying ass.. ooo cant wait to see the look on his face when i show up to tyga’s party.. i should put his ass on cheaters & blow up his spot….

derick is can no longer be manhoring!

*breakdances* we stoped the man hoe!xD

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Chapter Nine: Mad Love


"sammie what the fuck is your promblem?"

"your my promblem chris!" she screamed

"how the fuck am i your promblem?!"

"you just are okay…"

"sammie me and you been bestfriends forever now what the fuck is wrong with you?"

"chris.. im-….im in love with you alright" she huffed

shit… why did i have to be put in this position.

"what?" i said in shock

"you heard me chris.."

"umm. sam i dont feel the same way-"

"i know.. you dont but i had to tell you, and now your with this bitch"

"shes not a bitch sammie" i said leaning on the door

"im sorry look chris i understand if you never wanna see me again"she replied

"sam of course i wanna see you again.."

"really? its not gonna be weird or nothing?" she asked

"yeah, i mean-"

"you dont feel the same way i feel b/c im too boyish"

"your not boyish" i laughed

"then what? im not pretty i not a hoe"

"sam your my bestfriend thats all i see you as!" i yelled

i could tell she was about to cry and im not a fan of a women crying especially if im the cause.

"sammie.." i leaned in and kissed her lips.

she looked at me and grabbed my head and started to roughly kiss me..


"GOOD BYE CHRIS!" i yelled opening the door and walking towards the streets

"natasha!" he yelled trying to grab me

"No im done with you! your a- your a hoe chris!" i screamed pushing him off me.

"maybe i should leave" sam said

"maybe you should cunt!" i replied

she ignored me and hopped in her car and drove off.

"natasha please litsen to me" chris begged

"i dont wanna hear it!" i slapped him across the face

"damn!" he said covering his face

"fuck i look like to you chris? a hoe?? im suppose to bust it open for you and then you leave me for your bestfriend?!" i asked

"naw, natasha come here" he grabbed my arm and took me inside.

"get the fuck away from me chris"

he slammed the door and walked towards me

"natasha look i dont want sam, i was just trying to stop her from crying"

"whatever chris." i crossed my arms and turn my head away from him

"dont be mad natasha i want you and only you"

"i dont want YOU chris!" i lied

"fuck you mean you dont want me?"

"like i said"

"dont lie natasha"

"i dont want you and you dont want me so bye chris" i said walking to the door

chris hurried and picked me up

"put me down now!" i screamed

"nope" he said carrying me upstairs

"chris!" i yelled trying to bite him but failed

he laid me on his bed and grabbed my hands and pin them down to the bed,.. i was out of breath from all that screaming

"get up off me and let me leave" i huffed

"why?" he asked

"what do you mean why? for i can leave"

"you dont wanna leave natasha and you know it!" he laughed

he leaned in to kiss me but i moved my head

"go kiss your bestfriend" i snapped

he moved my head so that i was facing him,

"you are my bestfriend"

"dont suck up to me chris" i said

"why you like it"

he started to kiss my neck and chest and slowly going down to my pants and pulling them down.


i was horny than a mutherfucker and i’d be damn if natasha was going to stop me from getting it in.

"chris" she moaned

i rubbed my hands down her her legs looking at her panties, i removed them and started to enter my fingers in her pussy.

"shit!" she moaned

i quicken the pace making her moans become screams

"you like that?"

"Yes dont stop!" she screamed

i took off my pants & boxers and threw them on the floor.


chris enter me and i all i could feel was the pain thrusting back in forth inside of me, i wasnt a virgin but shit.. it felt like i was.

"fuck!" i cried

"you okay?" he asked slowing down

"why you stop?" i laughed out of breath

"i thought you was-"
i grabbed him and pulled him back on top of me placing my legs onto his back and holding on tightly as he continued to go deeper and deeper inside of me, pounding me with great force.

"CHRIS!" i moaned over and over again,

"im bout to cum"

"Shit!" i cried one last time.

we both fell back on the bed trying to catch our breath.

"bet you never had it like that" he laughed

i looked at him and burst out laughing , he grabbed the covers and pulled them on top of us, i could feel the warmth of our bodies coming together..i started to stare at him hoping he didnt notice

"what?" he asked

"nothing, its just..-"

"just what?"


"just say it natasha, since your a badass"

"i am a badass no question" i laughed, i sat up so know my knees where facing the ceiling.

i could tell chris was looking at me..


“im really feeling you”

"what?" i said sitting up

feeling me? the fuck..? i wanted more than just feeling me, thats an automatic ‘i just wanna fuck you and thats it’

"i like you" he replied

"ahaa chris i like you too"

"come here"

he grabbed my waist pulling me ontop of him

"wanna ride?" he asked licking his lips

"your so nasty" i laughed leaning in to kiss him


"amber stop fucking playing with me!"

"stop fucking playing with me" she mocked

i swear amber act like a baby some times.

"forreal the game is on & i cant miss that shit"

"so, michael! bad girls club is on and i cant miss that shit!" she replied

"how bout we do something else than watch tv" i suggested

"uh?.. oh i know what you wanna do" she said catching on to what i was trying to say.

i grabbed her ass and she started to unzip my pants until..

"TYGA!" somebody yelled knocking on the door

"what the fuck" amber mumbled hopping off of me

i opened the door to see kim standing there.

"fuck you want this time of night kim?"

"uhuh who is this bitch!" amber yelled

"chris’s girl" i replied

" i need you to do me a favor" she demand

"what?" i asked

"help me get with chris"

"fuck naw he dont want you"

"tyga please!" she cried

"what you want me to do?"

"get me alone with him"

"why cant you go to his house?"

"tyga! just please i need him as my friend again maybe even more than a friend" she said

"ight ight see what i can do.." i said

i closed the door standing there drowing in my thoughts…

chris & me havent talked in a while so i doubt he litsen to me .


i know chris feel some way about me, because he would’ve kiss me if he didnt feel the same way i did, i knew he love me he just cant put it in words so he put it in action..

i sat on my bed looking at the ceiling fan.. thinking about how many kids we would have and how many haters we would have if were together… the sex fuck! the sex would be amazing .. i know i wasnt crazy , chris had feelings for me i know it..

the only thing thats holding him back is that ratchet bitch natasha if i can get rid of her chris will officially be mine.

"gun cocked, Pow!, woman down" i laughed

shit was fucking funny



Chapter Eight: Oh Shit!


"Yo Roni!’ i yelled

"sup tyga?"

"ima need you to handle a situation for me"

"what? is it"

"ima need you to take out a nigga named derick"

"why nigga?"

"b/c my girl amber said that he likes to hit women "

"whats that got to do with you??"

"nigga just do it!" i yelled

"ight ight tell me where he’s located and ill take him out"

"ill text it to you, make sure you get him good" i said sliding the gun across the table

"trust me he wont be able to wake up the next morning"

i puffed my cigar and swug my chair around

"thats what i like to hear roni" i smirked


"chris what are we gonna do?"

"why you have something planned?"
“no, not really but im just saying, we cant keep riding around looking stupid”

"how bout we go back to my crib?"

"& do what?" i laughed

"you’ll see" he smiled


"you like that?"

"OMG its so good dont stop!" i moaned

"you want some more??"


"whats my name?"


"Shit! thats good !" i screamed

he walked over to the kitchen and grabbed the chocolate sauce to make the sundae tast much better than it already did.

"i didnt know you know how to cook" i laughed

"theres alot you dont know bout me"

"thats the best icecream sundae ive ever tasted" i replied

"thank you, ladies love when i cook"

"dont brag nigga" i laughed

he came back over to me and sat down next to me on the couch

"try this" he said handing me a plate

i took a bite.

"mmmm im such a fat ass" i said with my mouth open

"ahha no your not"

"your so cute" he said leaning towards me for a kiss

"what the fuck your doing?!"

"tryna kiss you"


"what do you mean why?"

"what do you mean what do i mean why"

"ahha your too fucking much" he laughed

"you are too" i giggled

he moved my hair behind my ear and kiss me

"maybe you should make me some more food"

"thats what you want?"

"yeah" i laughed

"ok ok" he said while getting up and walking to the kitchen

this man made the hair on the back of neck stand up, thats some deep shit

derick (its late at night)


it used to be me and natasha thing, we always be watching etheir maury or jerry springer.

i laughed at the tv reaching for my popcorn.

i missed natasha, but she was to much for me.. she always complain how i would cheat or her and give her a headache and shit, i didnt really give a fuck.

maybe if she shut the fuck up and open her legs when i tell her to she would’ve never got slapped.

plus i got a new chick and she sexy ass fuck and kim would do anything for me.. just the type of chick i needed in my life.

all of sudden i heard a knock on the door.. i saw a shadow through the window and i saw a gun.

oh shit! i ran upstairs and grabbed my pistol, this bitch was tiny but it still worked

"OPEN UP WE KNOW YOUR IN HERE!" someone yelled

then i heard the door bust open i was scared as fuck,

i ran downstairs and shot my gun, then some fat nigga grabbed me

"SO you like beating women uh?"

"fuck you talking bout?"

"you know what were talking bout"
“well imma make sure you never hit a women again boy” the fat nigga said

then some nigga in a coat came up to me with a gun,i could feel tears dropping out of my eyes.

"wait! im sorry im so sorry" i cried…. i felt like a pussy

"too late to pologize" he said and shot me .

all i could feel was blood dripping down to my legs and.. and



i could tell natasha was scared to let a nigga treat her the way she deserved to be treated.. she would always tense up when i start to touch her.

her phone rang and she answered it.

"WHAT! OMG! OMG!" she cried


she hung up the phone and san towards me.

"i gotta go!"

"wait what happen?"
“my ex boyfriend got shot, i gotta see him!” she screamed

"uh hold up let me get my keys"

we hopped in the car and rushed to the hospital

"karma’s a bitch" i mumbled


"natasha i mean-"


"fuck you!" she hopped out the car

"natasha wait" i said chasing after her

"dont touch me!" she screamed

she broke down crying

"come on ill take you to the hospital" i said pulling her up

she hopped in the car and the whole car ride was silent on our way to the hospital


"DERICK! DERICK!" i screamed rushing through the hospital

"MISS CALM DOWN!" the nurse yelled

" OH mY god!"

i looked at derick laying there lifeless

"derick!" i whined touching his bandage


"what! who’s natasha?!"

"oh kim , your here" he replied changin the subject

"yeah who shot you?"

"i dont know some big nigga, shot me near my chest"

"omg doc is he gonna be okay?"

"yeah he will live, after some few surgerys"
“bae i love you” he said

"i love you too" i cried

"kim!" sammie yelled

"thank god you showed up your such a good friend " i said hugging her

"of course i showed up"

"wheres chris?"

"i dont even know i havent talked to him since he brought some bitch to his place"


"yeah i know"
“he hates me i know it” i cried

"its not about him its about you and derick"

"yeah your right " i said holding derick’s hand


i felt like it was my fault that derick got shot and i shouldve stayed with him instead of us breaking up.

"whats wrong?" chris asked

"nothing." i lied

"its not your fault natasha"

how did he know that i was thinking that.>?

"thanks chris"

"no promblem"

we pulled up to the hospital and i ran upstairs then i found all my friends in the waiting room

"im so sorry natasha" amber said

"You BITCH!" i slapped her in her face

chris walked behind me holding me back,

"chris brown!" carmen screamed

"let go of me chris!" i yelled

"look i was trying to help you out!" amber added while covering her face


"wha-what?" chris said out of confusing

"i didnt know he would do this!" amber pouted

"fuck you amber were done im not your friend anymore. go fuck yourself !!"

i grabbed chris’s hands and walked towards the back where derick was lying on the bed

"chris!" some chick yelled hugging him

"kim- what-"
“natasha!” derick said

"natasha?!" kim yelled

what the fuck!?


"wait. what you doing here!" i yelled

"im here with my boyfriend, didnt you come to comfort me chris?" kim asked

"hell naw"

"what you doing here with this bitch" she replied

"this my girl" i lied

"natasha?!" she yelled

"derick, this is the bitch name you just called?" she asked him

"she’s my ex" he moaned out of pain

"natasha that nigga yo ex?"i asked her


"wait a minute let me get something straight

natasha ex is derick

kim new boyfriend is derick

derick hit natasha

kim didnt want to be with me b/c of derick

natasha end up meeting me and now..” …..

"chris dont!" natasha screamed


i grabbed derick off of the bed unpluging the iv , and other things

"get off of me!" derick yelled

i punched him dead in the face and in the stomach

"stop chris!" sammie yelled

"oh shit!" natasha covered her mouth

the doctors came and pulled me off of him

i had his blood all on my shirt i damn near killed this nigga

"CALL 911!" nurse yelled

"shit! come on chris!" natasha said grabbing me and running out the door

"come on lets go before the police come!"she screamed

she took the keys and started the car and drove off.


"derick you okay?!" i asked

"yeah imma be alright"

"good" i slapped him across the face


"its not like that its-."

"fuck you derick" i grabbed my purse and walked out the door leaving sammie and derick alone in the room


"So.." derick said trying to catch his breath

"you sexy whats your name?" he asked

"ahha my name is go suck a dick!" i yelled walking out the door

"can i call you sometimes!?" he yelled

i kept walking, until i found kim

"kim you oh-"

"chris hates me,!" she screamed

"its ok-"
“no its not i really like chris and now he hates me!”

no this bitch didnt say she liked MY man!

"yeah he does hate you" i replied not giving a fuck about her feelings

"i know" she whined

i wanted to see if chris is okay i know what things he can do when he gets mad.

so imma go to his house to check up on him.

"okay , i gotta go" i said heading to my car.


we arrived at chris house.

"calm down chris!" i yelled

"i should of killed him" he replied

"no. im glad you didnt" i said


"no! i didnt want you to have to go to jail & be locked up for murder!" i shouted

"you care about me??"

"yeah.. i mean why wouldnt i care about you?"

"b/c you dont act like it"

"well i do ight" , come here" i said

he walked over to me , i pulled his bloody shirt off. i couldnt help but just stare at his body and all of his tattoos

"kiss me" i whispered

he leaned in for a kiss and started to take off my shirt leaving me in my bra.

"chris! chris!" some girl shouted banging on the door

"who dat?" i asked putting my shirt back on

"i dont know"
he opened the door and some girl was standing there with her arms crossed

"im glad you okay nigga" she said giving me a glare stare.

"sammie what you want?" chris aked

"well i see this hoe got what she wanted" she said pointing at me

"i aint no hoe!" i yelled

"come here sammie" he pushed her out the door.

i walked slowly to the door litsening to their conversation

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