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Chapter Five: Aint No Worries


i sat on the tygas couch waiting for natasha to arrive, i really dont know what takes this girl so long.

"you ight" tyga asked sitting next to me"

"never been better"

"why the attitude though?"

"im sorry i get it from my friend" i replied

"yo you seem stressed, maybe you should stick around for the fun shit"

"what? -"


"i got it"

tyga walked up to the door and i could see a couple of girls giggling and shit.

"come on in" he announced

i tried to cover up my body with some of tyga’s pillows because he just gave me one of his shirts no pants.

"chris my nigga!"

psssh chris brown?

i looked over towards the door to fine chris laughing and smiling. oh shti! this was so surreal. but imma play it cool and act like he aint shit even though i was bubbly inside.

"chris this amber , amber this chris" tyga announced

"nice to meet you" he said smiling

i didnt say nothing but smiled back because a bitch was speechless, i looked at the time and it was 9 oclock.. damn night hits so fucking fast.

"where is natasha" i whispered

"aww she looks lonely come over here and chill with us" one of the girls said

i walked over to the table .. which weed and shit was being rolled up.

"you smoke?" tyga asked

"yeah sometimes" i lied

"dont lie now!" chris added

i started to laugh.

"nigga aint no need to lie" i lied again

"we gonna play strip poker or what?" a chick with a pierce on her lip asked

"yaaahh" tyga said in a white girls voice

"strip poker? thats my shit!" i said laughing

"oh really lets see who will lose all of there clothes"

"your on" i said and grabbed a seat


we arrived at the house it was so fucking huge and it had nice as cars parked in the drive way

"who did amber fuck last night" carmen asked looking amazed

"i dont know but whoever it is got lots of monay" ranae’ said

we had to press a button just to get in

*BUZZ* “hello i-im here to pick up amber” i said

then all of sudden the gates opened and i drove in the drive way

we all hopped out and walked to the door, i knocked

"come in!" some dude yelled

"you go first" carmen said pushing me closer

"yall some bitches"

i opened the door and the first thing that hit me was the smell of weed & hella smoke.

i fanned the air making a way for me to breath.

"natasha!" amber came hugging me


natasha? the girl with the huge attitude ,? fuck naw what the fuck she doing here?

"damnn she fine!" tyga whispered

"nigga thats the girl that was at kim’s party. she’s cocky as fuck!" i replied

"so nigga that ass is on point!"

"fuck that shit bruh" i said


i notice chris looking at me i tried to duck my head making it so he wouldnt see me even though it was a dramatic fail.

"come here" amber said grabbing my wrist

"naw lets go amber!" i said trying to break away from her

"yall this these my besties natasha, carmen,ranae’" she announced

"hey chrisbrown!" carmen screamed

"sup shorty" he replied

"sup natasha" he said giving me a bitch please look

"fuck no were leaving lets go yall" i said grabbing amber

"nooo natasha lets stay please" carmen whined

"yeah play strip poker with us" some random bitch said

"no thankyou we gotta long way to go so-"

"you should stay" chris interupted

"no were leaving but thanks anyway" i said walking towards the door

"natasha chill out!" renae whispered

"why? should we stay for what?"

"having fun relax & to forget about derick"

"mm derick who?" i huffed

"exactly maybe you need some fun in your life stop being an up tight bi-"

"dont renae" i said

"come on we wont bite!" tyga said

"well maybe chris will" he laughed

i walked slowly back & sat down in the chair with amber..

"you smoke?" tyga asked me

"fuck i look like? a crack head or some shit?" i answered

"damn girl you bad" he replied

"ill show your ass bad" i crossed my arms and my legs and watch them smoke their lives away and strip off their clothes

"you should join natasha" carmen suggested

"or maybe she should get the fuck out & stop ruining everyone else fun" chris mumbled

"wait, did you say you were a punk ass nigga?" i replied

"fuck you say bitch?!" he yelled

"fuck this shit" i said getting up and walking out the door

i stood by the car and looked up at the stars.


"why you call her a bitch nigga?" tyga snapped

"cause she acting like one damn" i replied

"nigga you never call a women a bitch dawg"

tyga made me felt bad so i decided to go check on natasha.

"ight i apologize ladies" i said while getting up.

i walked out the door to see natasha siting on top of the trunk of her car.


she looked at me and rolled her eyes

"look im sor-"

"save it"

"but i just wanna sa-"

"save it!" she yelled

"the fuck is your promblem girl!"

"oh im a girl when a minute ago i was a bitch!" she screamed

"foreal doe whats your promblem!" i yelled

"MEN! YALL ALL THE SAME!" she yelled back

i could feel her trying to hold back her tears, this women had went through some crazy shit with men & i could tell

"you know.. not all men are like that.." i said getting up on the trunk with her

"oh oh i guess your gonna say your not like that right?"

"no, no i wasnt gonna say that" i replied

"you know your right about me being a bitch" she laughed

"naw, i was wrong your not a bitch and i wasnt suppose to say that to you"

"ahaa your too nice" she huffed

"you need to live a little, have fun" i said hopping off the trunk

"how?" she asked

"how bout me and you go inside the house and join them" i suggested

"i dont smoke or get naked in front of random people" she said

"you drink?" i grinned


"i take that as a yes" i smiled

she hopped off the trunk and followed me back in the house


"i see your back" amber laughed

mostly all of them were half naked

"pass me a drink tyga tyga" chris said

"here nigga" tyga said

chris passed it to me & i chugged it down

"damnnnnn" tyga said

"what? you dont like when girls swallow?" i laughed

a couple of drinks got passed back in forth, and i was getting hotter and hotter the more i dranked

"shit.." i said leaning my head agaisnt chris shoulder.

"ahha natasha bout to pass out" carmen laughed

i took off my shirt and my pants forgetting that everyone was in the room

"im so fucking hot!" i complained

"yes you are" tyga replied licking his lips

"i think you had enough natasha come on" chris said grabbing me


natasha loosened up right out of her clothes, even though she said she wouldnt.

"tyga ima take her home ight?" i said

"bye yall." natasha slurred

i picked her up and put her in my car… i couldnt help but blame myself for i am the reason why shes acting this way.

"nice as car" she said smiling

"thanks" i said driving off

"shit, natasha where you live?"

"fuck i dont know" she laughed

"ight i should of asked your friends but the passed out a long time ago"

"ahha your so sexy" she said rubbing her hands on my thigh

"you are too natasha" i said removing her hands

i could fuck her if i wanted to but that would be taking advantage of her. & im not that type of person..

"omg its a black out" she said passing out

"natasha.? natasha!" i said shaking her

"the fuck?"

i guess she have to stay at my place till morning