Chapter Three: Fuck You


"WHAT!" i screamed out of frustration

"Calm down" renae’ said

"Fuck we out of gas" carmen said

"GREAT!" i yelled

"look we can just go walking to a gas station & get some gas then walk back here & fill it up" renae suggested

"okay" i calmly said


i was looking for kim then i saw her on the couch watching tv.



"whats wrong?" i asked wrapping my arms around her

"wait whos outside?" she asked getting up

"aww looks like some girls need help with their car"

so, i dont even give A fuck about some random girls

"go see whats wrong chris"

i gave her a blank stare


"yeah, sorry sure ill see wassup"

im only doing this shit for her

i walked out side . it was dark as fuck

"hey ladies whats wrong?" i asked

"nothing" some girl with an attitude replied

"chris brown!" the same girl i talked to screamed hugging me

"come on yall lets start to walk" the girl said

"stop natasha chris can help us"


i dont need any man to help us to be fucking honest..

"i can take yall home" chris suggest

"hell no" i replied

"your promblem is…?" he asked

"fuck you" i mumbled

"excuse me?" he said

"excuse her shes going through some shit right now" renae’ announced

"we would love for you to give us a ride" carmen smiled

"ight follow me "

chris led us to his car it was nice i aint gonna lie but its wateva ….he dropped carmen, and renae’ off at their house and now it was just me and chris in the car & it was so fucking quiet.

"look, im- im sorry for being a bitch to you" i said breaking the silence

"its cool" he lied

"i kinda just caught my boyfriend hugged up with two girls & thats why-"

"its cool" he laughed

"turn right" i said

"thankyou" i said hopping out of the car

"aye whats your name?" he asked

"kelis" i lied

"kelis he didnt deserve you…. stay up ight?"

"yup thanks for that information.. very helpful" i said

i started to walk off..

"aye natasha!" he yelled

me being stupid » i looked back to see him smiling

he drove off and i couldnt help but to think..

did chris brown just take me home?

Chapter Two: We Like To Party (part two)


while chris was getting ready i hurried & put my bathing suit on with some pink flip flops. i hated bright colors i was siting on the bed trying to decide which flipflops i should where.

"DAMN Girl!" chris said while covering his mouth

"what? you act like i never seen me with my hair down before" i replied

"its not the hair its that bathing suit" he added

"ahah whatever" i laughed

"your like my sister sam i cant have niggas staring at you"

"chris stop playing. & lets go"

i could feel chris eyes looking at my ass as i got up & walked out the door.


"Lets go natasha!!" amber yelled

"Im coming damn!" i screamed out of frustration

i walked down stairs in a lime green two pieced bathing suit.

"OMG your so hot babe" carmen commented

"OMG your so hot babe" i mocked

"ahaha" renae’ laughed

"lets go yall" amber said opening the door

"wait! wheres my phone yall? i know yall ass took it" i announced

"ahahhaa your not getting that back tonight" renae’ laughed

"bastards" i whispered while shuting the door

we all headed to the car


"oh shit turn that up!" tameka yelled

everybody & there momma was here it was hella pack, good thing theres a vip section for me & chris friends can chill at b/c this was outrageous

"hey you stop pissing in the jucuzzi!" i screamed

"hey shut up!" some random guy yelled

"fuck you" i threw my middle finger up & kept it moving

"tameka!" i yelled


"help me out here before this party get out of control"

"ok ok chill the fuck out"

"here" she said giving me a drink

"thanks hoe"

i walked back in the house until i heard everyone shouting and screaming in excitement.

"what the fuck?"

"hey yall wassup?" chris said dapping everyones hands

"hey kim" he said giving me a hug

"hey chris" i replied

"loosen up you seem tense" he laughed

"help me loosen up then"

"come here"

he picked me up and headed towards the pool

"NO CHRIS DONT YOU DARE!" i screamed

"you threatening me?"


next thing you know i was under water and my eyes were buring from chlorine.

i lift my head up above the water and wiped my eyes

"CHRIS!" i said laughing


i was cracking up laughing so fucking hard.

"that shit aint funny chris" kim smiled

"then why you smiling?" i asked

"shutup" she said while walking in the house

i was looking at kim’s ass, damn this girl to fine foreal doe.

"kim you ight?" i asked

"noo" she cried

"damn kim im sorry" i approached her while she was leaning on the kitchen sink

she turned the water on and sprayed me with the faucet

"SHIT!" i said covering my face

"ahhaa told you" she laughed

i picked her up & put her on the counter

"told me what?" i said looking into her eyes

"why you looking at me like that?"


"PARTY OVA HERE WHOOP WHOOP" some girl yelled

"hold on chris" kim said hopping off the counter


"PARTY OVA THERE WHOOP WHOOP!" amber shouted again

"girl calm down" i said grabbing her arm

"sorry just these guys here are so fucking hot" amber replied

"OMG CHRIS FUCKING BROWN!" carmen screamed

she then started to run over to him

"the fuck" renae’ said

"ahha hope she dont slipp and fall on her ass" i laughed

"chris fucking brown chris fucking brown" me & renae’ mocked

we walked over to the pool until ranae’ stopped me

"wait is that derick??"

"what?" i asked

"Look!" she pointed

"THe fuck!?"

i saw derick with two girls in the jucuzzi hugging up on him

i walked over to him

"natasha!" he said suprised

"YOU ARE SO LOW DERICK!" i screamed

"GET UP HUCCI’S " i looked at the two girls


i tried my best to get away from this girl who was crazy about me.

"my name is carmen and i love your music so fucking much!" she screamed

"OOOOOOOO" i heard the crowd say

i looked over the corner to see a girl slap some nigga

"Damn…" i said

"Oh shit natasha!" the girl said and ran towards the girl

"LETS GO COME ON" some girl who im assuming is natasha yelled


"WHERES AMBER?" i asked

"i dont know" carmen & renae said shruggin their shoulders

"there she is"

"lets go" renae’ grabbing amber

"why?!" she screamed

"b/c natasha just caught derick hugged up with some random girls"

"so i told her dumb ass he was no good"

"DUMB ASS? IGHT YOU CAN CATCH A RIDE WITH YO FUCK BUDDY YOU HOE!" i screamed walking out the gate

"wait natasha!" carmen yelled

Chapter One: We Like To Party!


"ahha im beating yo ass!" tyga laughed

"naw bruh im winning this shit" i replied

i knew i was losing the game i just didnt want to admit it.

"ight im done!" i said

"i won nigga, now pay up!" tyga nagged

"man fuck that game"

i pulled out my wallet and handed him a grand, that will be the last time i ever bet money on a video game, i really felt like a sore loser.

"cheer up butter cup" tyga laughed

"ahha whatever man you played me"

"told you i was gonna win"

*the door bell rung*

"someones at the door" tyga said while continuing to play the game

"naw duh nigga"

i got up and walked over to the door & opened it

"sup chrissy chris" sammie said while pushing me out the way to get in the house

"sam try that shit again" i command

"im sorry chris, damn i was just playing"

she came towards me & gave me a hug she smelt like cookie doe or some type of sweet perfume.

"sup sammie sam!" tyga said

"nothing much what bout you" sam asked

"nothing just got done beating chris ass in this game" tyga bragged

"ima grown ass man i dont play games" i announced while pounding my chest like tarzan

"nigga please im surprise you still dont wet the bed" tyga replied

"anyways.." sammie said trying to break the arguement off.

"what you doin here anyway" i aked her

"i came to see if you wanted to go to this pool party with me?"

"pool party? whos throwing it?"


"ight imma be there" i replied

"what yo boy tyga aint invited?!?" tyga complain

"yeah nigga you invited to damn" sam reassured him

"i gotta go, yall & i will text yall the info bout the party"

sam slammed the door.

"i told her ass bout slamming my door"

"bout that party though" tyga stated

"what about it?"

"kim fine ass gonna be there!"

i laughed & walked up stairs, this nigga so late if he just realizing that kim is the only reason im going.


"she said ye can we get married at the mall.. i said look you need to crawl for you balll…" i sanged

"come in meet me in the bathroom stall & show me why you deserve to have it alll…" amber added

we were on the road driving back to my place for a sleepover..

"this is my shit!" carmen said

suddenly my phone ranged.

"hello" i answered while turning down the music

"hey bae where you at?" derick asked

"driving home you?"

my friends were being noisy as fuck .

"awww he wants to know where shes at" ranae’ giggled

"shush i cant hear him" i replied

"so! whatcha goin do?" amber laughed

i flicked the bird up at her, b/c that always pisses her off

"fuck you" amber mumbled

"ima call you later derick when my FRIENDS arent around"  i emphasized

"ight love you" derick said

"love you too"

i hung up then i felt like all eyes were on me..

"what!" i stated

"yall too cute" carmen replied

"shutup" i blushed

 i pulled into the drive way & we all hopped out the car and headed in the house.


i was at a restaurant chillin with my bestie tameka then i saw sammie.

"sammie!" i said while getting up & hugging her

"hey kim" sam replied

"im sooo glad you, chris & tyga is coming " i grinned

"aww your so sweet, i know your pool party is going to be the bomb" sam commented

"hell yeah fucking right!" i sanged

"its a party for everyone to come but, theres going to be a vip section just for yall" i added

"cool thats wassup" she replied

"see you tonight" i waved bye & returned to my seat

"whos that?" tameka asked

"sammie chris’s best friend" i answered

"she gay?" tameka asked confused

"i dont think so, i thinks shes a tomboy or something" i replied

"so.. what you wearing tonight?" tameka metioned

"i really dont know to be honest, come on lets go we gotta alot of stuff to do before the party" i said while getting up

"girl whatever you just wanna see chris"

"no i dont" i snapped

"yeah you do kim" tameka started to laugh


i fell asleep not knowing what time it was.. i heard  thunder & rain outside ,so much for that pool party we was trying to go to.

"Chris!" sammie yelled

"what?" i mumbled half way asleep

"nigga get up"

"why its raining outside"

"its not raining" she assured me

"oh shit, am i late?"

"no, but get ready though just  in case"


me & chris have been friends for years, so i would be so lying to myself saying that i dont have feeling for him in some kind of way thats unexplainable

"ight" he said falling back to sleep


"damn sammie okok im up" he whined gettin up to got to the bathroom


"im so bored!’ carmen complained while rolling on the bed

"we dont have to be" amber replied

"what you mean" i asked

"theres a party going on tonight, not to far from us" amber revealed

"uhh i dont feel like partying" ranae’ whined

"its a pool party.." amber restated

"never mind! lets go!" ranae said while getting up

"im down for partying!" carmen exclaimed

"you going natasha?" ranae asked

"um. i dont know you guys. derick might not like that im-"

"its just a party its not like your going to get wasted & party half naked with fine ass nigga" amber said sarcasticly

"thats excactly what were going to do" carmen laughed

"come on! natasha" carmen screamed

"ok ok., but i gotta call derick first, wheres my phone?"

i looked up to see them all looking guilty

"yall trippin" i announced

"dont let derick control your life natasha" amber spoke

they grabbed my arms and pulled me up off the bed ..

"okok damn im going!" i shrieked

why do my friends make life so fucking complicated.